Modem Bocamodem Externo 14.4kbps - V . 32bis
Modem Bocamodem Externo 14.4kbps - V . 32bis

Modem Bocamodem Externo 14.4kbps - V . 32bis

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V.32bis/V.32 Modem Software V.32bis/V.32 Software (Softmodems V32bis/V32)

The transmit and receive functions are called within a single function called V32_isr. This function is called to process received samples and to generate samples to transmit. The V32_init function is called to initialize the V.32/32bis modem. This function initializes the structure which contains all the memory required for the modem. The V.32/32bis modem can be adapted for a variety of sampling rates such as 9600 Hz or 7200Hz. The V.32bis/V.32 modem is designed to process data in 10ms intervals.

Features of V.32/V.32bis Software (Softmodems V.32/V.32bis)

  • Full duplex mode of operation on switched and 2 wire, point-to-point, leased circuits.
  • Channel separation is accomplished using echo cancellation techniques.
  • QAM is used for each channel, with synchronous line transmission at 2400 baud.
  • Data signaling rates: 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, and 4800 bps synchronous.
  • Trellis coding at rates from 7200 to 14000bps for V.32bis.
  • For V.32, two alternative modulation techniques are used for a signaling rate of 9600bps, one uses 16 carrier states and one uses trellis coding with 32 carrier states.
  • Exchange of rate sequences is provided during start-up to establish the data rate, coding, and any other special facilities.
  • The frequency carrier operates at 1800Hz.
  • Transmitted power levels conform to V.2
  • The modulation rate is 2400 symbols.

For official ITU-T standard on V.32bis/V.32, click ITU-T, V.32bis Standard, ITU-T, V.32 Standard.

Modem Type

Data (synchronous/asynchronous)/Fax

Maximum Data Rate


Maximum Fax Rate


Data Bus


Fax Class

Class I & II

Data Modulation Protocol

Bell 103A/212A

ITU-T V.21, V.22, V.22bis, V.23, V.32, V.32bis

Fax Modulation Protocol

ITU-T V.21CH2, V.27ter, V.29

Error Correction/Compression

MNP5, V.42, V.42bis

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