Can-Am Maverick X3 (2-Seat models)
Can-Am Maverick X3 (2-Seat models)

Can-Am Maverick X3 (2-Seat models)

Artículo No: 84468

Condición: Nuevo

Precio: $60000.00

Ubicación: Santa Fe, NM, Argentina (Envío internacional)

Cantidad: 500

  • Open Door Kit  - Unlike other door kits on the market, these doors are built into the structure of the cage resulting in them being extremely strong. These doors will not sag over time. They are also designed to stay open when pulled all the way out and incorporate a metal latch and handle system to open.
  • Framed Window Nets  - Fabwerx window nets are specifically designed to perfectly fill the gap that the Open Door Kit creates. These will not work with OEM doors.
  • Standard Rear Bumper  - Classic Fabwerx design that provides great looks and maximum structural integrity.
  • Baja Rear Bumper  - The newest Fabwerx look that gives the ability to use the cage in conjunction with the X3 bed as a spare tire carrier.
  • Standard Windshield  - A full panel, non-vented windshield.
  • Vented Windshield  - A full panel windshield with built-in vents that provide minor air flow in the cabin.
  • Roof Rack  - Fabwerx roof racks are designed to contour with the roof lines and give your X3 a sleek look. They are attached with tabs and screws that can be quickly taken off if needed.
  • Upgraded Rear Shock Bracket  - X3 rear shocks are mounted on two small, weak tabs. This upgrade adds extra bracing to the rear shock mount making it tie into the structure of the cage rather than the two small tabs from the factory.
  • Standard Rear Chase Wing  - The perfect option for those looking to add extra dust or brake lights to their X3. Lights are provided by Fabwerx.
  • KC Rear Chase Wing  - Integrates a KC HiLiTES Rear Chase Light (Part # 9801) to the Fabwerx Chase Wing giving you all the benefits the KC light brings in a nice and simple package. Light will need to be purchased separately.
  • Standard Dash Panel  - Hides the lower cage bar providing a cleaner look as well as deflecting some of the wind that would make it through the gap.
  • Vented Dash Panel  - Hides the lower cage bar providing a cleaner look while allowing some air flow through the bottom.

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