Moschino  Couture  100 мл
Moschino  Couture  100 мл

Moschino Couture 100 мл

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The harmonious fragrance that every woman needs to feel confident in our modern world has been found. This exquisite perfume was born in 2004. Moschino Couture is exactly the kind of fragrance that any woman wants to find. Sensual, but not frivolous, floral, but not cloying - all this is a recipe for success for every representative of the fair sex. The sexy fragrance of the oriental composition perfectly combines elegance and lightness. Modern women who want to emphasize their independence and freedom have already found this perfect fragrance.

Moschino Couture-perfume for a real woman who wants to meet her love. The sincerity of feelings, which carry notes of bergamot and mandarin, will emphasize the naturalness of the female nature. A woman who wants to be strong, but will not refuse to have a solid, reliable hand of a real man next to her, free, but at the same time dependent on a loved one, choose this fragrance for everyday use. A woman can easily emphasize all her advantages with the help of a magnificent composition of pomegranate, peony and jasmine flowers. Moschino Couture is a truly feminine fragrance that will always favorably emphasize all the best qualities of a modern refined woman. Burning red pepper, warm notes of vanilla and cedar-create an unforgettable aroma that allows you to maintain a magical mystery along with frankness. A sensual woman, who finds it so difficult to maintain the image of uniqueness and mystery in a modern atmosphere, will always make her choice in favor of this floral and fruity fragrance.

Moschino Couture, created on the basis of bergamot and pomegranate flowers, returns even the most modern businesswoman to the world of romance and fairy tales. Modern business women, who are so lacking in everyday life notes of frivolity and playfulness, prefer this unforgettable fragrance. Regardless of age and occupation, the perfume will suit any woman. Young girls will be pleased with the delicate aroma of citrus fruits, on women of more mature age, the fragrance will already sound different, showing warmer notes of benzoin resins, cedar and vanilla. There is absolutely no age limit for this fragrance, it is universal.

Year of release: 2004

Fragrance group: floral , fruit , woody

Top notes: jasmine, cedar, mandarin , musk, peony

Heart notes: garnet , jasmine

Base notes: vanilla, cedar


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